To do good!

There is no doubt that I am fortunate to get to do what I love and also get paid for it. Getting to capture people in their absolute happiest moments. To be part of and share their happiness and joy. It is wonderful! It is simply a dream come true.

I think that people should get a chance to fulfill their dreams. Small or large. But there are so many who do not have the same opportunities for many different reasons. Therefore I’ve decided to try to give back a little. And perhaps be able to help someone fulfill one or some dreams. For it to work, I need your help.

Every year I donate all the money for a wedding to a non-profit organization Ung Cancer. And that’s you, my customers, who decide which wedding it will be. The wedding client who wants me to shoot them and donate the money to Ung Cancer will have to pay 15% extra on the regular price. All money will obviously go to Ung Cancer.

I also had the privilege of getting to know the founder Julia Mjörnstedt and that makes me feel certain that the money will come in handy for people who really need them.

No discounts or print credit will be included, but all money will be donated in full. In addition the price will be an additional 15% up. My price list is not updated with info on this yet, but you can of course to figure out what Ung-Cancer-Prices will be by looking at my price list and add 15%.

Please help me to do good!



More About Young Cancer:

Young Cancer is a nonprofit organization for young adults, between 16 and 30, who suffered from cancer. The organization works to improve their living situation and that they not only survive, but also have a really good life. They work to create the best possible conditions for the cancer affected both during and after illness. Read more about Young Cancer on their website a>.

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