Mornington Hotel Stravaganza is releasing Vardagsgläntor 2 – the best insider info on Gothenburg culture

Mornington Hotel Stravaganza in Gothenburg is releasing the book ”Vardagsgläntor” for the second time. The members of the staff and some of its guests tell you about their favorite places in Gothenburg. Often something a little on the side from the normal ”Liseberg” or big streets.

Each employe have choosen thier own style for the shoot and it’s a fantastic book that’s beeing released. You got everything from lovelly pink to the marlboro man in the photos.

I was the lucky photographer and I will show you much more when it’s released. But in the meantime you’ll get the nice Sofa and Nathalie. Sofia is the night portier on the hotel and a as you can see a awesome model as well. Nathalie works on GIFF (Göteborg International Film Festival) and is one of the guests writing in the book.

Stravaganza Mornington Hotel GöteborgStravaganza Mornington Hotel Göteborg

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