Local shooting with Nina & Gustaf

The best weddings for me as a photographer are usually when I follow the wedding couple all day. And it’s often you feel that you do not want to leave them. You’re so close throughout their whole day.

Sometimes, however, the opposite is just as wonderful. Nina & Gustaf live in Goteborg just like me. In fact, they even live in the same house I lived in before. They were married just over a week ago in Masthuggskyrkan in Gothenburg. It is the church with best view (looking down over Majorna in the west). The view is so good that it even came a busload of French tourists and stopped us in our photography.

Nina and Gustav did not want a full day. In fact, they just wanted portraits. But we had just as good time. And as you can see they’re really nice, everyone. Especially their daughter Izabella. What eyes! And Gustaf’s beard, and Nina’s stomach, and the view …. Everything was actually super nice apart from the weather. Almost a little autumn rain in the middle of August. But it is at the same time the only thing you can not influence.

Here’s my portraits of Gustaf & Nina!


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