Children in their own surroundings

I just love taking pictures of children. Especially in their own surroundings, at home or at the playground. I always want my pictures to show how the children live and play. I want natural pictures that document people having fun and enjoying themselves.

Even though a studio gives you the best kind of light, the best backgrounds and the best control, it doesn’t give you the children as they usually are. Playful and happy.

Take the time and effort and try to take photos of your family as often as possible. One day, sooner than you think, they’ll be much bigger or even grown up.

This is Tage, a perfectly adorable little guy that just learned how to sit for himself. He’s at home, in his livingroom and his kitchen.

Tage by Oskar Allerby (1)
Tage by Oskar Allerby (2)
Tage by Oskar Allerby (3)

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  • Marita Josefsson

    Fantastiskt vackra och levande bilder.ReplyCancel