Busy times…

I have a very busy time with several weddings, fix of concert Photos, magazines and plenty of deliveries. Of course, I totally enjoy being able to work on with all that I love.

In the middle of everything that happens, Ung Cancer writes about me helping them. They wrote very nicely about me on their side. Read it in Swedish here: Thousand ways to help

And then, last Saturday night, just returned from a wedding, I get a totally fantastic email. These things really make me happy. Read for yourself (translated by google):

Hello! I found here via Facebook and is now looking around. What good you are! I love the style you have and you manage to really bring out the story / mood of your photos. I love it! I photographed a lot for a few years ago, but makes it almost never long, unfortunately. But now, I was SO inspired by your pictures you will probably pick up my camera again. Will go social / media now in high school, then I also get involved with photography, editing and writing at school! Will stay on your website and be more inspired when needed.

I was so happy when I saw your wedding photos. Have always thought it must be so hard to get good pictures of the wedding. But where did you real good! You can see just how happy couples are and it is so wonderful feeling in the photos! Really.

And that you give money to Young Cancer! It’s that good! Was so happy when I read it. Should be more like you who do so. For almost a year ago, I lost a friend to cancer, and also had a classmate who is ill. And he’s still alive! What you do in fact save lives!

That was what I wanted to say! Continue shoot and you are a great source of inspiration!


Thank you Michaela!
You really make me never want to stop!

I leave you with a picture from Metaltown and the not entirely unknown guitarist Björn Gelotte.

Bjorn Gelotte from In Flames at Metaltown 2012 by Oskar Allerby

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