Preview of Karin & Davids windy wedding in Tylösand Sweden

On Saturday I was in the Tylösand. On the way down the rain was pouring down so much that we had to slow down the car. But all the time I felt calm, somewhere I knew it was going to be an absolutely amazing wedding no matter the weather. And when we arrived it started to clear up. It was as windy as the previous visit but who cares about a little wind when you have important things to do. Karin and Davids wedding!

They’re one of those couples that you can not help liking a lot. They are so incredibly varm, nice, fun, happy, and as you can see: Really good looking too. The wedding was in the hot, cramped and beautiful St. Olof’s chapel. The portraits were taken directly at the sea before the party then continued at restaurant Salt at the beach.


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