Are you planning a wedding?

What will you have as canapés? Should you have band, DJ or Spotify? What time is best for portraits? How much wine for each person? How much time is needed at the hairdresser? How do you go from the church to the party? Who helps here, and how are you doing that?! There is so much to consider when it comes to a wedding.

We that are working with wedding photo has often been around on many wedding not just some hours but all day and has lots of tips and tricks on what to do and not do to your day to be as good as possible. Not only to get great images but within everything and nothing .So feel free to ask me if you’re wondering what time we should shoot or if you want tips on everything from dj ( Paulina is awesome!) To cook (Simon and Martin!) Or from time at the hairdresser (many hours!) Or if it ’s something you Forgot schedule ( lunch? ) .

Below you can see the canapés that Ingrid and Leonard served. They were very popular and good for those who like mussels and shellfish.

Talk to you soon…

Ingrid Leonard

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