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Preshoot in a garage with Camilla & Fredrik by Oskar Allerby

“Hello Oskar,
it looks like it will rain on Sunday so we’ve found a pretty cool garage that we had borrowed the keys to. It is located on Magasinsgatan. Do you think it might work? “

Fredrik wrote Something like that to me, my response was that since I looked into the garage ten years ago, I dreamed of photographing or filming there. And now I got the chance.

There was no rain, contrary to so it was sunshine and inside the garage was probably closer to 30 degrees celsius. But it don’t show at all. Camilla and Frederick was super great to photograph, both inside the heat, and beyond. They’re a couple for many years, with three children who now gets on with it and gonna get married. And I’ve been honored to be there on their day.

Here you see a big bunch of the pictures that we took during our engagement session. Hope you can see how nice we had, and how Camilla and Fredrik really shines at each other.

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