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About & Contact Oskar Allerby

My name is Oskar, Oskar Allerby, and I’m some kind of photographer

I bought my first real camera, my first digital SLR, back in 2006. It was love at first touch. The ability to make moments last came to me and almost knocked me out. To freeze and frame a second, a day or a week became my passion.

I always try to capture a story in the picture. One or more moments that tells a whole story.

Now I capture your moment and your friends moments. And I love it!

Before photography, I made music. I wrote short stories. I wrote poetry. Always, I tried to tell a story and always I tried to capture feelings, often feelings of love but also of everything from anger and frustration to joy and happiness.

I still love the music. Nowadays I only listen. But I try to make it a lot. Both live and recorded music. I also love to take pictures of musicians. There is something special in their eyes.

I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s usually around here I take my pictures. But I also travel a bit. Stockholm is a common place for my visits but I’m always open for new suggestions.

I’m easy to get in touch with. Just send me a mail or give me a call.

Oskar Allerby
Tel: +46 707-785443

Facebook fan page: http://facebook.com/allerbyphoto
Concert photos http://konsertfoto.se